Shilpi’s content for the Google Assistant is successful with the users (the audience that matters most). The content she has created reaches millions. Shilpi is a delight to work with!
Emma Coats – Editorial Lead, Google Assistant Personality, Google

Shilpi is a uniquely talented individual. As a writer, she is able to grasp complex ideas and turn them into word magic – no easy feat. Always Keen to help others, she is both a team player and a leader. Any team would be lucky to have her.
Raj Chakraberti – Program Manager, Google

Shilpi was responsible for the creative supervision and smooth execution of our four prime-time soap operas. During her tenure with us, Shilpi ably handled major responsibilities. We found her very hard-working, knowledgeable, and a highly committed team player with strong conceptual knowledge.
Vivek Bahl – Executive Creative Director, Disney India

Amidst the chaos and humdrum of the television industry, one could expect Shilpi to go about doing her job effectively and without losing sight of her focus. She is a conscientious hard worker with a great eye for detail. Part of our path-breaking number-one show on Indian television, Shilpi’s contribution towards the script and execution was admirable and her presence was reassuring as far as tough delivery timelines were concerned.
Rajesh Pavithran – Director, Spin-a-tale Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Shilpi genuinely cared for the children we worked with – and this strong and significant trait of her personality has been etched into my mind even now. Shilpi really stood out for me as a model staff person. Of particular value to me was Shilpi’s gift as a true team player, enthusiastic embrace of change, and unwavering commitment to life-long learning. I regularly received unsolicited praise from fellow colleagues commending Shilpi’s outstanding professionalism.
Jeff Bibler – Director, Better Report Card Tutors

As a Producer on the show from the network, Shilpi displayed and conveyed complete clarity on her expectations from our tv show at all levels from script to edit to music. Her inputs on editing were invaluable. What was most impressive was her sense of the creation and use of music in the show. I remember being present with her and the music composer for a song for the show and being completely impressed with how she took the song from the ordinary to the realms of the sublime. Shilpi was a pleasure to work with and always tried to provide solutions to any issues that cropped up with the production of the show.
Mohua Sen – Creative Director, BIG Productions

Shilpi has in-depth knowledge and comprehensive exposure to the satellite industry. She understands its nuances and dynamics and is a great example of a wonderful blend of strategic mindset and creative thought process. She is a great team player and has got immense patience in solving complex problems.
Raaj Gupta – Cluster Head – Network Fiction & Marketing, Sony Pictures Network Ltd

I find Shilpi to be very well organized, diligent, reliable, and a great team person. Her dedication and never-give-up spirit are exemplary. The perfect blend of creativity, market sensibilities, and operationally efficient is rare to find and Shilpi was one of those rare people we were fortunate to have on our team.
David Premier – Co-Founder, Initium Productions

Shipi’s soft-spokenness and gentle demeanor can easily mislead you into not seeing her for the highly focused and driven professional that she is. Be it handling colleagues at the office or the late hours at edits, or the coordination needed for her shows, she always had an effective way of dealing with all situations.
Parveen Shirazi – Casting Director, Disney India

Shilpi is a go-getter, a thorough professional, and has a great creative knowledge of production administration. She is a very down-to-earth, humble, and very genuine person. She is completely involved, very sorted, and always ready with the solutions to any problem. I do not remember even once that she was under any stress or losing focus in a tricky situation as we always had demanding situations on all the daily TV shows we did.
Divyang J. Joshi – Head of Operations, Optimystix

I was lucky Shilpi came in as the executive producer of our tv show based on a novel I had written and scripted. I found Shilpi’s involvement to be truly passionate and deep. She had a phenomenal understanding of the show, its graph, and its nuances even as she managed the more cumbersome production details with finesse. Never once did I see her “crumble” under production pressures. A sound, creative mind… that’s Shilpi!
Mrinal Jha – COO, Undercover Productions Ltd

Shilpi is a thorough professional. She is a stickler for details and is satisfied with only the best in people and their services. She is also a wonderful human being which makes her a delight to work with.
Shilpa Bhansali – HR Partner, Utopia Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Shilpi launched two cult shows for us and oversaw the creative supervision and execution of two shows. Always impressed by both Shilpi’s attitude and performance, I found Shilpi has a great eye for detail and has unmatched skills in managing and launching a show within strict timelines. Shilpi is a problem solver and she found the correct solutions in the shortest periods of time. She also has strong writing skills, which makes her an asset in scripts and all her correspondence of high quality.
Priya Nair – Creative Group Head, Sony Entertainment Television

Shilpi is a very talented media & entertainment professional. She has a very good understanding of television programming and production. She is very focused and result oriented.
Raj Gopal Iyer – General Manager, Marketing

Shilpi has always been a great source of inspiration and guidance for me. She is always encouraging and I learned a lot from her. I appreciate her edit and music sense and am proud to mention that I have picked up quite a lot from her in terms of edit sense. She has the ability to make the edit look slick and neat. Her sense of story and screenplay is also credible and value adds a lot to the story. She has been a guiding light for me.
Karan Arora – Senior Manager, Disney India

Shilpi is one of the humblest professionals I have come across. Although I was a novice, she ensured her complete support and guidance at all junctures of our interactions despite being senior personnel in the team. Her excellent people skills and impeccable ethical style of working ensured immense quality in deliverables when getting work done on time. Highly professional, she has a balanced style of working where she puts things in place with tremendous ease. Indeed, a very committed creative, and talented person, she will always lead and nurture fellow team members in every place she heads.
Ghanshyam Nabar – Project Manager, MIDAS Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency

Shilpi shows extreme maturity in dealing with work-related issues and people management. She is an extremely patient and polite colleague. She would be present at a shoot or edit in the middle of the night, diligently supervising to meet deadlines. Her ever-smiling face reduces the stress levels of the team!
Priya Mishra – Senior VP Content, Disney India

Shilpi is a hard and willing worker. She has a very engaging personality and makes friends easily. She has a very creative mind and is a problem-solver. She has a wonderful command on the English language. She is very dependable and will deliver what she promises.
Phil Miller – Admin, Trees for Life

I have known Shilpi for the last 10 years, she is highly talented, has in-depth knowledge of television programming, and is one of the few who understands and balances creativity and strategy… Always an ASSET. 
Sachin Mohite – Director at Jaasvand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Shilpi is one of the most diligent people I know. Driven, ambitious and meticulous, she is focused on her goals and achieving them. Her attention to detail ensures her work stands out among the rest and she has in-depth knowledge of her subject.
Lekha Menon – Editor at Masala!, ITP Media Group

Shilpi Dewan happened to be my colleague when I had just started my professional journey. She happens to be among those people who have mentorship and experience-sharing skills that groom an individual. Besides being hard-working, the two qualities that really stand out in Shilpi are her eye-for-detail for every process and her composed aggression. In today’s cut-throat working environment she stands out as a genuine and approachable person, which is very difficult to find these days. I hope, someday we will work again.
Aditya Kulkarni – Senior Manager, Hungama

Shilpi has always been diligent and enthusiastic with her approach to her work. Apart from being committed, she displayed a great flair for creating innovative concepts combined with the required sensibilities to execute them. Her strong work ethic, great organizational skills, enthusiasm, and pleasant demeanor make her a consummate multi-tasker.
Rajul Mishra – Head of Programming, Sri Adhikari Brothers

I have known and worked closely with Shilpi for several years. A dedicated worker with an eye for detail, I found Shilpi to be innovative and passionate about her work. What sets her apart is her enthusiasm, her ability to think beyond, and never give up attitude. An extremely warm person, and it has been a pleasure working with Shilpi. She had done some very interesting work on the SET channel and kept the numbers moving up. Cheers, Shilpi!!
Madhuri Malhotra – Vice President, Standards & Practices at Sony Pictures Networks

Shilpi’s positive creative energy and humble demeanor were what I remember from when I started my career. I was a novice then and Shilpi with all her work experience was extremely helpful. A creative force to reckon with and a the-person-to-go-to gets the job done, it is people like Shilpi that leave a positive and long-lasting impression on one’s working life.
Carmen Zainabadi – Co-Founder, HopMotion Animation

Shilpi is a very diligent creative person with a detailed knowledge of the market happenings and hence is able to suggest new ideas/solutions on how to manage a show. She is an extremely hardworking and sincere person. She has complete domain knowledge and is extremely well-versed in it. Her networking within and outside the industry makes her even more efficient. Given a chance, again I would always love to work with her. I remember those, Sony TV days when she had solutions to every issue related to stories or budgets. Extremely friendly and cooperative team player.
Sunil Shirodkar – Line Producer/Head of Operations/Commercials-Productions

Shilpi is a person who is willing to go out of the way to make things work for the organization. She is one dedicated soul who works relentlessly till she finishes her project. Being a perfectionist in the field of visual storytelling, I’m sure she will take her business to new heights.
Niraj Kumar Mishra – Producer, Director & Writer

Shilpi was a colleague of mine and one whom I will never forget. She is excellent to work with. Extremely conscientious, hardworking, superbly creative, and very open to ideas, thoughts, and, more importantly, to people. An admirable team leader who always encouraged independent thought and was wonderfully sensitive and sharp. It has been an immense pleasure and a learning experience working with her. An asset to have on one’s team. I wish her all the success and luck in her future endeavors.
Prieti Dasani Dey – Consultant, Disney India

Shilpi is thoroughly professional, yet a very down-to-earth soul… a problem solver and an enthusiastic girl… with an approachable attitude, Shilpi made working not just easy for herself but also for her entire team… a complete team player… enjoyed every minute of working with her…!
Priyaa Arya – Managing Director, Create-O-Dreamz

A ‘Go Getter’ – This sums up Shilpi. She is thorough and a dedicated person with a determination to excel. She has been highly focused from the time I have known her and a real pleasure to be around.
Vineetha Sanjay – Brand Consultant

Shilpi Dewan is a very professional and committed individual. She has always been hands-on with what is happening and what needs to be done about her work. She is a great client and a very supportive & responsible person not only to her team but also to the external support systems like us (her PR team) which played a vital role in working with her. I would like to conclude by saying Shilpi is an asset to any organization associated with her.
Sharon Frenz – Group Account Director One, Source FZE

Shilpi, you are the best. An extremely talented creative director. 100% dedication.
Rajan Waghdhare – Bollywood Director, Movies & TV Shows

Shilpi was my student in the master of communication studies program at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. I was also her dissertation advisor. Almost a decade and a half have passed since then and still, I rate Shilpi in the top 1% of the students I have taught at various levels and in various countries. Shilpi has a rare blend of intellectual rigor, creative expression, and efficient management which is evident in her academic record and her work portfolio. At the same time, I have found her a warm and grounded person with sound values.
Manisha Pathak-Shelat – Associate Professor, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad

Shilpi and I worked at the same organization in different departments. Shilpi brings creative talent and quality that is backed by her unending joy and love for her work. She is that creative person who takes an idea and brings it to fruition. She has a clear understanding of the story, the requirements, and on how to serve it to the audience. And more importantly, Shilpi is a compassionate, caring person, with great relationships and is a strong team player.
Chhitra Subramaniam – Vice President at Reliance Films

I have had the pleasure of working with Shilpi for two years while I was the lead actor in a very successful TV show. Shilpi was completely in charge and the Executive Producer of the same show. I have personally witnessed Shilpi’s cooperative spirit, professional attitude, and caring disposition. Shilpi managed the 50+ cast and crew as a close-knit family and would be effortlessly solving the day-to-day shooting issues with a smile. I always found Shilpi to be the quintessential professional, listening to others’ opinions with interest, offering suggestions based upon sound expertise, and demonstrating a sincere willingness to try new strategies. Shilpi has a very pleasant, easy-going disposition, is fun to be with at both professional and social gatherings, and is cheerful, positive, and friendly. She is an amazing professional who is very focused on her work but also knows when it is the right time to joke and relax.
Vikas Bhalla – Producer, Actor, Singer

Shilpi has a lot of goodwill in the industry and I constantly meet people praising Shilpi’s professionalism whenever there is a conversation about her. I have never known anybody who has worked with Shilpi and is not impressed with her.  Her ability to connect with random people once she walks into a room is amazing! That is why Shilpi also is still the gold standard for me in leadership and mentoring. I have met many professionals whom Shilpi has groomed and they are continuing to be assets in the media industry. 
Dibyajyoti Mahapatra – Consulting Partner, La’Mere Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Shilpi is one of the rare professionals in the chaotic media industry who is an expert in both the business and the creative aspects of the industry and is of utmost humility about it. I found Shilpi to be very fair-minded, always willing to listen to others, and reassuringly calm. Shilpi is also an excellent motivator and a perfect example of a talented team player. Though Shilpi would always handle the overall vision of networks, she would stump us with in-depth knowledge of even the minutest details. She would be extremely good at communicating her vision with her clients and executives too and we always preferred to deal with her directly so there is nothing lost in translation. She is brilliant!
Rajev Paul – Actor/Author/Poet/Owner of Event Co Magical Moments

It was a great pleasure working with Shilpi. Her command over languages and communication skills is impeccable. She is very creative and a highly dependable person. Is extremely organized and has an eye for detail.
Sonal Yadav – Group Head, Non Fiction, Zee TV

Shilpi is an awesome creative talent, with great team-building skills. Shilpi is extremely sorted, approachable, professional, and always on hand to help a colleague in need or to mentor a junior team member. I have witnessed her grow in a fairly short period of time largely due to her passion, commitment, and skill. She was recognized for her creative chops, troubleshooting, thinking out-of-the-box, and influencing ability. Shilpi remains a treasured colleague and will be an asset to any organization.
Kimberley Parker – HR Head, Bloomberg TV

I have had the pleasure of working with Shilpi and find her to be not just a passionate creative person but also an extremely hardworking and dedicated one as well. She has that rare combination of being holistic in her approach whilst targeting the bulls-eye of TRPs, which is an asset to any broadcaster. She was one of the teams that ideated and worked tirelessly towards establishing SAB TV and making it the marquee brand it is today. It was in this phase that her never-say-die attitude, diligence, perseverance, and positivity shone and won the day. Her ability to think out of the box and laterally approach concepts is a mark of her creative talents which came through in her many shows. Apart from all her professional abilities, Shilpi is simply one of the warmest people I have had the pleasure of working with and that is what makes her shine.
Padma Akella – Head- A.V.P., Content Regulation (S&P) at Viacom18 Media Private Limited

Shilpi is a go-getter. She has an inborn capability of a leader. She has huge exposure to creating content, understanding market sensibilities, and delivering the right palate to the audiences. Team spirit and crisis management come naturally to her. She is an excellent communicator.
Bharat Pandit – Founder & CEO, Widescreen Pictures

Shilpi is blessed with an innate understanding of the pulse of the audience, coupled with astute creativity and business acumen. I have witnessed Shilpi tirelessly work towards creating chart-busting TV content. Her easygoing nature and the ability to take the bull by its horns, with a strong sense of self and calm, are something that I admire in her…. I have learned tremendously and grown as an individual whilst working with her.
Bharadwaj Joshi – Senior Producer, Star Plus, Content Engine

I found Shilpi extremely focused, dedicated and the most hardworking student in our batch. She knew precisely what she wanted and worked towards it doggedly. A crystal-clear mind and thought process at that juncture in life was rare to find. Awesomely creative, she always came up with ideas that would stump us with its ingenuity. Print, broadcast, public relations, radio – she was not only versatile but always the best when it came to sending the projects. Just give her a job and she will put her heart and soul into it.
Hiral Dholakia – Associate Editor, The South Asian Times