My journey to UX is experience-driven.

I’m curious about linguistics and majored in English and Sanskrit in my grad studies. While the play-on-words and semantics of English kept me engaged, I marveled at the mathematical precision of Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in the world.


I took my time finding my post-grad major. It was a time of indecisiveness as I restlessly tried to find my life path. I expressed this unrest in writing, sketching, and singing.

A stint in journalism exposed and attracted me to human-interest stories and digital page layouts. It helped me recognize my interests: humans, technology, and art… I decided to major in communications for my post-grad and studied multimedia, on the side, to hone my graphic skills. I realized that aesthetics had a common language. And that it was transferable to any medium.


I then joined Bollywood as a show-runner and scriptwriter. Entertainment started a huge trend in my life. I would essentially do just one thing: explain complex ideas simply to the masses. I learned to create conflicts to further a story. The bigger the problems solved, the bigger the protagonists would emerge as heroes. And the more relatable they were, the more popular they were with the masses.

My life experiences have inspired me to write from a raw, human, point of view. I see every person as a story. And that’s why my approach to UX is user-first, empathetic, and driven by real-world constraints.


So here I am! We’re at a place in civilization where technology is the catalyst for transforming lives. AI is its natural progression while humanizing AI is a powerful tool to anchor, yet scale, technology.

Never have I felt more alive, too, to realize my passions!