Apple Inc.


Content Editor


I was responsible to create and streamline Apple’s content in the NBU market for English & Hindi languages.

Note: To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and excluded confidential information and, in particular, the project details and result findings in this case study. All information given here is my own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Apple.



In September 2017 when I joined Apple, it was gearing up to create content for its NBU launch in September, 2018. The project was, however, getting delayed because of the numerous roadblocks the team was facing.


The only member of the team was based in a different time zone in Dubai. Efforts to build the team were turning to naught because of the lack of talents.

Entire content needed to be created for Apple Music, App Store, original content and Today’s Stories’. All these had differently-nuanced writing style.

Leading and driving vendor management was the need of the hour as the vendors were submitting inferior quality content in the absence of a style guide, clear rules and timelines.

To create and manage the content, proficiency was needed in Apple’s internal tools for CMS, localization, scheduling, status & bug resolution.

Close partnering was required with cross functional teams of engineering, design, marketing, legal and policy to scale the content.

Onboarding the new talent entailed training them in Apple’s high standard and practices of NBU content creation.

Localization QA of Apple Music



Content Creation

Quality Assurance

Style Guide Creation

With the help of PgMs and lab managers, I studied the broad style guides and got trained on Conductor, Rubicon, World Server, Dj itunes, Status and Radar.

A thorough review of the existing content and vendor copies revealed that the language used on Apple was archaic and hard-to-understand by the target audience of 18-40-year-olds. Apart from being formal it was rambling and generic, sprinkled with convenient adjectives.

Review of the vendor copies


I began creating the content for Apple Music featured content (FC), albums & playlists, original content; worked on AppStore ‘Today’s Stories’ in afterhours, and oversaw the UI strings.


Through close collaboration with language team in Geo and lab managers, I was able to create a corpus for Apple Music and AppStore.

To articulate the content quality requirements, I vetted vendor writers and sent weekly elaborate feedback to agencies. The detailing helped explain localization complexities to internal teams, and helped them gain understanding for demands and scheduling.

I was later made involved in reviewing talent tryouts to help source the right team for content management.


I created content for 800+ albums, 1200+ playlists, 900+ Today’s Stories, 600+ original content and 2300+ featured content for Apple Music & AppStore for the launch of NBU market content on September 13, 2018.

Comprehensive style guides for Apple Music, original content and AppStore were set and their specific principles laid down for content creation.

The setting up of a style guide, weekly feedbacks and timelines, regular GVCs and onboarding of two new writers saw a significant improvement of the vendor content quality. The QA needed to review their content decreased and new copies were incorporated in the corpus.

I trained and onboarded 3 new people in the team.