Episodic Screenplay of a TV Show


The movie opens. A hill station. There is a solitary bungalow at the top of a mountain. Full moon night.

A jeep comes and stops. A police inspector gets off. He approaches the door, which is unlocked. Goes up. There is a pretty girl, Ana, in a housecoat. She looks at him and smiles. He puts down a file and a briefcase. Opens it. Shows Ana the money and the contract. “This is it, honey. Sign here. It is ten million. Five for you and five for me!” He tells her that there is no need to go to the court the next day to give the autopsy report. He then asks for the beer. Ana replies that it’s in the fridge, and that she would join him in a while after her shower.

Cut to the bathroom.

Ana opens the faucet. Shower comes low angle onto the camera. Outside, the police inspector opens the beer. Suddenly, we notice someone moving out of the window. From the stranger’s point of view the camera moves around, as he is peeping into the house.

The phone rings. In the bathroom, Ana hears it and screams for her boyfriend. It keeps on ringing. Ana puts on her housecoat. While she is still putting it on, she comes out and picks up the phone. There is a mysterious voice, which takes her name. ‘Hello, Ana! I will give you a chance to live. There are three questions. You answer them right, you live. Or you will die.” A stunned and puzzled Ana slams the phone down. She runs to the drawing room shouting for her boyfriend, the inspector. “Mac! Mac! There is a crank call!”

In the eery breezy night, the phone rings again. Hesitatingly, Ana picks it up. “Mac is not there. He is no more!”

Behind a shaking Ana, we hear a creaking sound. She turns around and finds Mac hung from the ceiling fan. It was the creaking of the rope.