An Adventure Show with Kids

The show is a reality adventure show, set in a breathtaking outdoor locale. It’s a 13-episode half-hour series, with a start-to-finish expedition. There will be 24 kids chosen across the country, divided into 3 teams comprising of 8 kids each. Every team will be led by a celebrity.

The teams will participate in a quest for a treasure hunt. The treasure will be a mega prize package, or an exciting getaway. The teams will keep vying among each other to reach the treasure hunt fastest – obtaining points in the various on-the-way adventure rounds. The thrilling action packed conquest will be made in a span of three days.  

Each team will be given a map of the area– with the major landmarks drawn. Some paths will be longer but simple. Some will be shorter, but convoluted. And some will be open-ended. They might/not lead the teams to the right path. So if a team is enterprising enough to take risks and thinks it has extra time, it could try its luck. There will be some other even shorter routes, which will be strewn with pitfalls. The teams will need to figure out these pitfalls with no earlier warning. If a team is daring enough to take them, it could reach its destination fastest. The teams will thus embark on the quest, trying to relate and link various signs and hints they come across, and trying to discover the way ahead. 

On their way, the teams will be encountering various fun adventure rounds. The rounds will be a mix of hurdle races, an adventure quest among labyrinths, simulated quakes, rope bridge walk, tarzan jumps, etc. The games will differ according to the paths chosen and will get harder as the journey progresses. The games will be fought against the clock in the midst of action and distraction. The performances of the teams in each of these rounds will add up their scores, and the total assessment done at the end of the series. 

The teams will be armed with various accessories to prepare themselves for the journey. Knapsacks, helmets, boots, flashlights, walky talkies, etc. If they want, they could even trade things with their rival teams. The exchange will depend on what specific routes each teams are deciding to adopt. 

The show will be high on reality drama, as each celebrity bonds with his team – since even one rotten egg could weaken their chances of winning. The series will trace each team starting their camping itself, and their getting adjusted to foreign locales. We will record the celebrity’s interactions with his kids. We will show how the celebs are introduced to their kids; the mutual behaviour and bonding of the kids; the kids’ innocently funny antics forcing the celeb to come out of his/ her shell, if any; and the celebs fighting to lead their teams to victory. We will also build upon and hype the celebs gradually becoming possessive of their teams; and show the resultant souring among the teams as the victory nears.

The host will be the guide/ sutradhar of the show. He will be someone with a mix of ruggedness, a ready wit and fair amount of optimism. The show will have a very rusty, real and earthy feel. The contestants can even go through a basic training – before/ after being chosen in the team. The same will be true for the celeb also. The celebs will be tested on their basic perseverance, and their ability to survive tough surroundings. 

The show will be high on interactivity, as the audience will be voting for the teams on all aspects. The ability of the celebs and their kids to think together in the series’ various rounds; their being in sync and playing together; their tuning; interpersonal skills; and above all, their emotional bonding through exciting rounds. The celebs will further be voted on how each leads his team; how each bonds with his team; grooms them for various hurdles and obstacles; bucks them up amidst various highs and lows.

The audience will also be asked their views at various stages of the show – which team do you think is most promising? Which team has the most bonding? It will be added up to the scores.

Each team will be distinct from each other by donning different colourful costumes. They can even have different animals’ costumes – making for a cute visual treat; and making the teams easy to recognize. Each team thus can be addressed to as Zebra team/ Monkey team/ Tiger team etc, with the celebs leading the team. 


The show will be a first-of-its-kind reality adventure series for kids.

The breathtaking outdoors will provide a respite from the rest of the predictably common studio-based shows. 

They will present the celebs for the first time in a real earthy and sporty mode.

Samples of Rounds

The various fun and adventure rounds will vary according to the different paths chosen. All the teams will be led and guided by their specific celebs. The host will act as a sutradhar and will thread the journey with his witty and insightful commentary. He will lend his guidance wherever needed, and will rate the teams on their performances. The audience will also be a constant party to the teams’ adventures, and will keep rating them. Their scores will add up, while having an eye on the foul plays in the individual performances of teams.

Have a Ball

A game for starters. All players run out into a garden area and find a silver ball each. The balls are hidden in strange places like in a tree, buried, in green slime water, or down another animal’s costume. Whichever team gets the most balls in the shortest time gets most points. 

Tarzan Jumps

The teams will have to swing across hanging ropes, and jump across pits  in order to move forward in their journey. These pits will keep on getting wider as the journey progresses. Whichever team gets its most members swing across, with minimum efforts, will score. 


All players of a team will be matched up randomly. They will then have their legs tied to each other. It will be like a three-legged race. They will run together in groups of 3 and cross a finishing line against time. The team with the maximum members crossing the finishing line in the minimum time will score the points.