The show will be a one hour weekly and 44 minutes of content. It will combine various segments encompassing the live coverage of a celebrity, vox populi, audience interactivity, nationwide messaging polls, rewards and a prized encounter with the celebrity.

The show will present a celebrity in his most private moments and share them with the audience. It will take candid reactions of the public about the celeb’s latest successes and disasters. These reviews will then be played back in front of the celeb and his reactions covered live.

Before the show, a nationwide messaging contest will be run asking the audience questions about the celebrity. The winner will be invited to dine with the celeb, in full view of the world on the television screens. The results of the contest, thus, will be declared much before the show, and the dining covered in the show.

The show will have three segments. The first segment will cover the celeb’s daily routine – from sunrise to sunset. This segment will be the longest – starting with the beginning of the show and continuing till the end – with other segments put in between.

The second segment will have vox pops of the common man on the celeb’s latest hits and flops, his personal life, latest rumours, etc. This will then be played back in front of the celeb and his amazed reactions captured.

The third segment will be the celeb dining with the winner of the poll. The show will thus fulfill the common man’s fantasy of being next to his idol. While it will cover the common man’s nervousness and anxieties of meeting his idol, it will cover the celeb going all out to make the man at ease.

The end of the show will be the typical routine of the celeb as the day ends, with a fast forward run in on the things usually done in place of the earlier two segments. It will sum up the celeb’s entire day and with the allegory of the day with his life, will touch upon the deeper meanings of the man’s life. The show will cover his motivations, ponder on his desires, and whether the journey has been worth it. With the celeb bidding the audience an emotional adieu, the show/ the day will come to an end, with the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Segment 1

The segment will be threaded by a voiceover.

Camera will follow the celeb everywhere in his candid moments.

The star will be developing rapport with the camera and revealing his little-known secrets.

Relevant audio bytes – dialogues and hit songs – from the celeb’s movies will provide commentary on the happenings on screen. Him gymming on his latest hit track, him travelling in car, etc.


Shot of the sunrise, birds flying away, quick cuts of city establishing the city rising to the dawn; a voiceover gives the commentary… the camera lingers at the star’s residence; pans around with a voiceover; enters the house establishing the surroundings… camera shows the star waking up drowsily; a family member smiling to camera; greeting and moving away sheepishly… the star gets up; looks into the clock; oops it’s late; star rushes to the washroom; quick dissolve and he comes out; camera follows him to the breakfast table; star introduces family to camera; all say hi; do some informal small talk; he rushes to gym; does push ups on music from one of his latest hits; quick cuts of him dressing up; camera follows the star throughout.

Segment 2

The segment will have the candid reactions of the man-on-street on the celeb’s mishaps and achievements: good, bad and horrible views.

These reviews will be played in front of celebrity – candid coverage of amused/ surprised reactions.

The show will also be building bridges between the audience and celebrities by the celeb giving explanations to the hitherto unaddressed public queries. It will also give the audience a chance to be forthright with their celebs and ask desired questions.

Segment 3

The segment will invite audience messaging poll to the questions asked, which will run as supers on screen.

The winner will have a dinner with the celebrity.

The show will cover the winner’s exalted candid reactions, apprehensions before meeting the idol and moments of the idol and the common man.

The segment thus will be realizing the common man’s aspirations of touching the stars. It will build bridges between the masses and the icon with a sensitive coverage of the emotional element.