A Suspense Thriller

Mistaken identity

A gleaming knife, blood on the floor, one face two bodies.

An innocent in jail. Inspector Dave and his faithful assistant Penny have their hands full with a thriller based in Miami.

Mac, a rich industrialist, is accused of killing his partner John. John’s wife is the eye witness – or almost. She saw Mac go up the stairs, moments before John was killed. But she also saw him coming through the front door moments later, accompanied with his pretty wife Gloria.

Mac claims to be innocent but is arrested. ‘My twin brother did it,’ says he.

The oldest chestnut in the book. The only catch: he cannot prove that a brother existed.

The only person who can prove Mac’s story to be true, is his insane old maid Lily aunty. She cannot recognize anyone though. Looks like Mac is inventing the story – till Penny finds Mary, Mac’s childhood friend. Mary says there were two – Mac and Jack. One good, the other bad. On her account, Mac is freed. But the killings have just begun.

Jack is never seen. He is only heard on phone. His threatening voice mocks inspector Dave. Jack seems to be playing a game – a game where humans are the chess pieces. One by one, as the body count rises, inspector Dave seems to be against a nemesis: a ghost, a shadow that enjoys the dance of death. Till the explosive climax where Jack is killed.

But… the truth is not what it seems.

At a dinner laid out for two, inspector Dave plays the final hand.

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