A Comedy


Dave is an 8-year-old tornado. He has got the energy of a dozen kids and is an absolute terror for those who manage him. He stays with a handful of servants who spend their whole day clearing up after him.

Dave’s father Mac is a top-notch executive. He is busy most of the day, but makes it a point to spend the evening with his son. He is prim and proper, well-disciplined, and always at his best, be it in his attire or in his manners. In short, he is the exact opposite of Dave. 

They stay in a gigantic mansion that belonged to Mac’s forefathers. Now there are just these two and the household staff (Dave’s mother passed away at the time of his delivery). No matter how much they try and stop Dave, he is extremely curious about the locked up portions of the mansion and periodically checks out the areas. 

On one such outing, amid years of junk, Dave comes across a mysterious book. Right on the cover page of the book is a stern warning not to open it. Dave however opens it immediately and finds a small mirror inside.

There is another stern warning not to read further, but Dave reads further. It is written that the viewer should not look into the mirror. Dave looks into it.

On the next page is a mantra with a warning not to look into the mirror and chant the mantra. Dave looks into it and chants the mantra. 

But nothing happens. 

Dave shakes his head in disappointment, gathers the book and the mirror and decides to continue the experiment in the comfort of his room. 

In his room Dave looks into the mirror and chants the mantra from all angles. 

He lies upside down and does it.

He tilts the mirror and does it.

He lies sideways and does it… 

… but nothing happens. 

Just as he is still looking into the mirror, the door of his room opens and Mac walks in. Dave sees his dad’s reflection – along with his own, in the mirror.

Suddenly Dave can see flashes of lightning in it. He says ‘cool’ and before Mac can say anything he chants the mantra! 

And well… nothing happens… or so we believe, because we hear the word ‘cool’ – not from Dave BUT FROM HIS DAD Mac!   

In that fraction of a second, dad’s soul is in his son’s body and the son’s soul is in dad’s. 

Dave (who looks and talks like a 7-year-old but is actually Mac) looks at himself in the mirror, what he sees makes him dizzy and he swoons…

When he comes to his senses, he is in Mac’s arms. Mac says, ‘cool dad!’ Dave says, ‘it’s a horrible dream, I’m seeing myself, what’s happening?’

Now both get talking, Dave asks Mac what he did and Mac says, “I was only…” He tells the story of what he did.

Realizing the magnitude of the problem, Dave composes himself and tells the tall Mac to bend down and bring his ear closer. No sooner has he done this, that Dave pulls Mac’s ear and asks what has he done…! Mac says, “I was only playing dad!”

Dave says, “Son, do something to reverse what you’ve done.”

Mac does all he can… he looks into the mirror and chants the mantra from all angles…  

He lies upside down and does it.

He tilts the mirror and does it.

He lies sideways and does it… 

… but nothing happens. 

Just then, Mac’s phone rings… Dave tells Mac to take the call… he tutors his son to make an excuse but it’s urgent. Mac is wanted at the office right away! 

Face-off is about the switching of souls between a father and a son… and of the hilarious escapades that follow. 


Imagine the possibilities… Dave, all of 8 years old in his father’s body, goes to office… there is shock in store for everyone! Employees see their prim and proper boss sit on his desk and throw paper planes at the secretaries while, at other times, he lays down banana peels hoping someone will slip.

Meanwhile the grown up Mac goes to school in Dave’s body and answers all of the teacher’s questions. He asks the teacher a few questions, which she can’t answer. He even beats up the school bully who’s at least a feet taller than him…

Face off is a fun-filled journey into the lives of a father and son as they try to get out of the mess they are in. 

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