A Fiction Thriller


Maya is a psychiatry student. Sincere and hard working, she loves her studies and everything about life. Bright-eyed and eager to go out into the world and make a place for herself.

One day as she is on her way out, a stranger approaches her and begs her to marry his son. Maya is stunned by the request. He says if she does not, his son would die. Maya, armed with her knowledge of psychiatry, argues that this just cannot be a fair request. She refuses.

The same day while she is returning home, she sees the stranger is a funeral procession. His son is dead.

Maya is shaken but decides to forget the incident coaxed, as she is by Dave, her close friend of a few months.

Dave is in love with her and makes it more than obvious. But Maya is intent on finishing her studies before she even ventures anywhere near marriage.

Around the same time, under very unusual circumstances, she comes across a reader of futures. The sadhu has these old parchments that have the life scripts of every human that ever lived or will ever live on this planet.

Maya is told by him that her marriage would lead to death. Before he can go any further, Maya has to leave. Little does she realize that her not knowing the complete truth would lead to the biggest twist in her life.

She now refuses to get married to Dave adding that, her fate mentions that her marriage would lead to death. Dave refuses to buy that. And in a bizarre turn of events Maya does end up getting married to Dave.

It is a few days after marriage, that Maya begins to suspect something amiss. Her investigation leads her to the startling conclusion that Dave had in fact married her only because his astrological chart says that if he does not marry someone with the placement of stars like Maya he would die within 40 days of his 26th birthday. They had got married just days before that deadline!!

Dave’s family is in with it. And they have been conspiring in the whole thing along with him.

Maya, stunned by the finding decides to go to dig out some more. To her shock, she finds out that Dave’s kundali not only mentions that he would be saved by marriage to Maya but that she would actually die within six months of this marriage. The sadhu’s words “her marriage would bring death” were right. The death is her own!

She now goes back to the sadhu somehow managing to escape Dave’s watchful eye on her. The sadhu shows her the next page of the parchment and she smiles.

The “Life Records” book tells her that her unborn daughter would save her. Her daughter’s chart says that she would lose her father within a week of being conceived. Maya realizes that she is pregnant. And now Dave dies. Dave who tried to betray her gets betrayed by his own fate!!

Maya now lives with Dave’s family and her daughter. The family has reconciled with her, or so it seems.

At around this time they decide to get her married off a second time. Maya even meets a prospective groom. And then another man enters her life. A man who shockingly enough looks exactly like Dave.

And now strange things begin to happen. Suspects are many. Someone from her own family, the prospective groom, the man who seems like Dave and her own strange bunch of psychiatric patients. Just who is after her now? Who is it who wants her dead?