Why I wanted an entry to the Master of Science program in communications

To find what we truly desire is the most important, albeit, the most difficult decision of our lives. So, why do I want an entry to this programme? Because it is what my heart truly desires.

No, the finding is not based on any whimsical fancy. Nor it is a clever play of words. It is a thing I have discovered after taking pains.

Right after my graduation, I faced one of the most disturbing, unsettling phases of my life in my conservative small-town. As an Arts student, the logical options unfolding before me were either to go for Administrative Services, pursue higher studies or get settled in a secure life with matrimony. I say logical because these were the trend of the day, most of my friends were going for it and, most importantly, my parents’ choice were backing them.

But there was something wrong. My heart did not accept the idea of living with it. The feeling only grew more accurate as several indecisive months passed. I helplessly watched the sand of time flowing away, but could not arrive at any conclusion!

And, that is when I decided that before plunging headlong into something, I had to find out what I truly liked.

My search was to begin in Mumbai – the city of dreams. Not because I was fraught with any common illusions about it, but because I could cite innumerable references about people’s dreams coming true in the city. I had a certain firm, but unapproved, belief that if you have the talent, initiation and the drive to do something, Mumbai is one city which would never disappoint you.

It was not as easy as it seemed. Being a sheltered child, I had a tough time convincing my parents that I will be able to take care of myself in that big bad world out there. It was a gamble. For I was willing the risk of being humiliated in the event of a failure. The risk of being a butt of ridicule among my friends, relatives and acquaintances. Most of all, I was willing to risk myself, my integrity – just for a vague whim, which bore more pitfalls than rewards.

Nevertheless, I had made up my mind. No risk, no gain. The future seemed blurredc, but I had a certain faith in the unknown power of the universe. For there ought to be some purpose behind my existence. The trauma, tribulations, twists and turns of life had to have some deeper significance!

Though I was sure that the years were meant for something more purposeful, the irony was that forget embarking on it, I didn’t even know what it was! All I remember having a hazy vision of the profession I wanted to be in. It was a sort of a jumbled-up combination of my liking for creativity, computers, communications and dear hobby of writing.

My first couple of months in Mumbai were something I shudder to think of. Though now it is easier to look back and smile on all the seemingly endless problems I faced, it had the power to pronounce doom for me.

But all is well that ends well. The silver lining peeped out of the mushroom clouds, when one day I got my first offer letter. It was from Reliance Industries Ltd. – in reply to one of the dozens of job applications I had submitted.

I was happy to be selected as a management trainee for one year by the global corporate giant. But I still did not know what sort of work I was supposed to do. The specific information rested with the company itself.

It took me another month to know that I was selected in the Corporate Communications department of the company. The term was familiar to me only to the extent of having read it in books and magazines. I knew none of it, otherwise.

My new work unfolded a world of difference before me! The whole team was new, talented and extremely cooperative. The work involved publishing the in-house newsletter of Reliance. It called for meeting people, interviewing them, gathering information, writing articles and then flowing it onto the page.

Being computer-savvy was a must, for the data-flow and design. My frequent sessions with the interviewees exposed me to a far wider world than I was used to. I especially enjoyed working on the pages. The behind-the-scenes activities of the printed creations, I so loved!

The distance I have covered in search of a true profession I crave for, has been long. I have come too far to lose it all! The road is a one-way — leading me only ahead. And the accelerator in question happens to be a good media communications study course. I hope MS University of Baroda will not disappoint me.

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