Treatment Note of an Ad Film

An art gallery. A man stands looking at the paintings of women dancing. A college-going girl is sitting beside. A sweeper sweeps the floor, with a long broom, making a rhythmic swooshing sound.

The man turns, looks at the girl, who catches his glance and looks down shyly. He turns back to the paintings.

Suddenly, there is a white flash on the screen, and amidst rapid intercuts of the paintings and the girl, a transformation takes place before a bewildered man. The walls of the gallery start melting – and transform into the pillars of a temple.

The girl now starts performing a classical Indian dance in the temple, and later – on a rock standing in the midst of an ocean. The sweeper behind too transforms into a musician suddenly – with his broom taking the shape of a mridanga.

On the blank screen, in a staccato, the titles appear along with the voice-over:

White flashes appear again, and amidst rapid intercuts of the man, girl, sweeper and the paintings, the girl turns back to her plain Jane look.

Amazed, the man hurriedly has a look at the sweeper, who, too, is sweeping as before. While the man is nodding his distrust, the girl gets up and walks past him. The disappointed look of the man is replaced at once by a smile when a ghunghroo falls from the girl’s hands. The camera goes close and discovers that it is a man’s face in a fully hatched egg – the logo of Nihilent.

Cut to a beach. The man is standing in darkness around. The sun is hidden behind the clouds. Suddenly, the light starts increasing, and a shadow falls behind the man. We go close to the clouds – and see the egg rising instead of the sun. The shadow of the man turns out to be the girl, who holds his hands.

The super appears along with the voice-over:


The titles remain on a blank screen, and gradually fade out.

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