My journey to UX is a sum of all that I am!

I was always a contemplative child, buried in my books and making imaginary friends with them. The town I grew up in, was a cultural and literary hub. My indrawn introspection led to my strong belief in a purpose of life, causes bigger than myself, and unrest against social disorders.

I always had a love for languages and made history in my college by opting for English and Sanskrit in graduate studies. In a way, it was the legacy of my grandfather who was a literary veteran and wrote many books in both of these languages. While I loved the play-on-words in English, its richness and semantics, I was bowled over by the mathematical precision of Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages of the world.

My feelings found a vent in all the creativity I could find – writing, sketching, singing. So I went for a diploma in multimedia. At the time, digital was called multimedia. My foundational art skills helped me immensely when I realized that aesthetics has a language, and that language can be transferable to any medium.

After a stint in journalism, I decided to do my master’s in communication. And it greatly helped in my UX process, because the design is 50% communication (what you want to say) and 50% art (how you say it). Bookish, but true!

Broadcast started a huge trend in my life. For years to come, I would essentially do just one thing – explain complex ideas simply to the masses. I learned to create problems or conflicts to further a story. The bigger the problems solved, the bigger the protagonists would emerge as a hero. If those personas worked, only then would the masses want to watch and grow with them for months and years.

My life experiences have inspired me to write from the first-person point of view, to portray user personas and use cases. Humans are hardwired to connect through storytelling and I find this approach connects with people’s hearts and minds. That’s why my own approach to UX is user-first, empathetic, and concise.

So here I am! We are at a place in history where technology is proving to be the catalyst of this world. The field has exploded in the past decade, and humanizing technology has the power to scale technology and transform the day-to-day lives of each and every person on this planet. Never have I felt more alive, too, to realize my passions.


Content writing & Strategy

Words convey the intonation, attitude, and personality of any product or service. Accurate microcopy adds a rich palette of colors to the experience and adds depth to the product. I play with empathetic and inclusive copies in microcopy, taxonomy & labeling, chatbots, and style guides.


G Suite, MS Office, iWork, Skitch, Evernote


Being hands-on with design, I like to be involved in the whole experience arc. Am governed by aesthetics, synergy, and utility to uncover and align user needs with business objectives. I create requirements, storyboards, wireframes, clickable prototypes, or any other artifact.


Balsamiq,, Adobe XD, Proto I.O, Invision, Sketch, Whimsical, Mindmeister, Justinmind


I’m curious to know what makes the user tick. I try to get into his mind through a range of qualitative and quantitative methods. These primary, intermediate, and frequent iterations help me uncover pain points & actionable insights, align stakeholder needs and ultimately choose my words.


Useberry, Google Forms, Optimizely


No matter how great our product/service is, we would only be a bit player in our users’ lives. Each of them happens to be the protagonist in their own drama, with its own soundtrack, rhyme, and rhythm. What we make has to fit the contours of their lives. I’m humble and collaborative in creating such a product.


Figma, Invision, Trello

Let’s do something together.